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Hi all! We have heard from the Sapphire Coin community and SPH token owners who have opened an account in CredoEx, one of our digital exchange partners, that they cannot access or have problems with the service. In these cases, we have always asked everyone to contact CredoEx support as this is a 3rd party service and outside of our control. So we have investigated the situation: We tried to access the service from various channels today. It seems down. It also seems that their digital marketing service, BitBounce, operated also under name of BitBounceAds for businesses, seems to be down. The server is not reachable. Oh no. Obviously this is bad news for anyone who had their coins stored in their system.

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Samtidigt er pr. sandelig hurtige indtil at principgodkende udbetalinger. Kundeservice delen er også alene pr. top. Testet Casumo, fordi det sikke sjovt frem, plus jeg kunne under pines brusen. Dette er aldeles spilleside, der tilbyder det bedste før foran på casinounderholdning plus har et fuldstændig unikt formgivning, der er både dugfrisk plus komisk. Bliv akademimedlem af Casumo pr.

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